The rising awareness of surrogacy and child adoption process being legally complicated many couples around the world travel to India to fulfill their dream of parenthood, via gestational surrogacy.

Although the first surrogate baby was born in 1994, in India, but surrogacy caught the world’s attention when in the U.K. an Indian woman delivered a surrogate child for her daughter.

It further gained popularity in 2007 when Oprah Winfrey in her television show featured American couple having a baby with the help of surrogate mother in India. Thousands of couple have found the joy of parenthood via surrogacy.

In India it is legal since 2002. India is emerging a leader in international surrogacy and a popular destination in surrogacy related fertility tourism. Surrogacy is practiced under the guidelines set by the Medical Council of India. The law commission of India has particularly reviewed the surrogacy law keeping in mind that India is an International Surrogacy destination.